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New Hampshire mansions

Mansions in New Hampshire. What more do you want to know about? Some of the most beautiful mansions in the world can be found in New Hampshire. Tucked away on some of the most private estates in New England, the luxurious homes of history's high society socialites built large rural compounds for their families to reside in. The centerpiece to the estate was of course the mansion. Many bedrooms for the extended family of multi-generations, plus living quarters for the hired help and servants.

Always pivotal to any great mansion, the centerpiece in the home was its fireplace. Most winter gatherings were spent in the warmth of the fireplace, and family bonding was best.

New Hampshire real estate

New Hampshire
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Luxury homes in New Hampshire. What more do you want to know about? Modern New Hampshire cherishes its mansions from the past, but the amenities and modern trappings of the present day luxury home are hard to beat. Ask New Hampshire real estate agent Chuck Tsouprakos of Harmony Real Estate about helping you buy or sell your luxury home in New Hampshire. Give Chuck a call at (603) 233-1463.
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